Visual Communication

Our daily challenge.

Our motto is to continuously questioning about our work.

With humility but also with managing skills and always trying to do our best, we challenge every single day whenever we think about a project and errand. Doubts and difficulties make our final works unique.
Works interact with materials that are beyond the of the common carpentry competences.
We shape plastic material, big sized prints, neon lights and led.
Carpentry and visual Communication.
“The way is the message”* for us.
We tried different kind of erranded works to realize: visual structures for big outlet stores and small jewelry in furnishings design. The way we are used to work is based on the target we have: the realization of our own work of art.
Every detail reveals our art, how we work and the passion we put in what we do. All of our projects are to be considered as unique where skills and competence are totally involved in.

*[see Marshall McLuhan]